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Patriam: Infinitus is the Patriam Universe's fourth and final iteration in Minecraft, focusing on the Late "Golden Age" Era of Patriam during the Norkinian Civil War and the beginning of The Second Human-Created War.
Patriam: Infinitus thrusts players into an expansive and immersive world of mystery, stunning landscapes, kingdoms, empires, wars, politics, and much more!
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What is Patriam: Infinitus?

Open World RPG Patriam: Infinitus promises to be the most expansive, engaging, and entertaining experience that we have ever produced.

With plans for hundreds of quests, a variety of different NPC Cities and Villages, ruins and mysterious "Precursor Sites" to explore, and the ability to shape your character's destiny in whatever way you see fit.

Patriam: Infinitus will feel like stepping into a huge, vibrant, and populated new world with near-limitless possibilities.
Geopolitics Geopolitics has always been a key component of Patriam, particularly its videogame releases.

Patriam: Infinitus continues this focus with a big emphasis on player-led nations, roleplay, and interactions.

As a nation, players have the opportunity to build vast cities, towering forts, sprawling infrastructure systems, and more, as well as having the ability to engage in trade, diplomacy, political intrigue, and if all else fails, war.
Survival With using minecraft's game engine as the base for Patriam: Infinitus, survival is a huge part of player experience and gameplay.

Despite all of the political intrigue, questlines to do, and glory to seek, survival remains the fundamental objective of every player and is a primary driver in their decision making.

Having to take into consideration supply lines for their armies, avoiding dangerous areas when travelling, planning expeditions and ensuring there is enough food and supplies to last. Survival has, and continues to be, and essential part of Patriam in minecraft.
Quests Quests are a vital part of our plan to keep our audience entertained throughout the course of their gaming experience in Patriam: Infinitus.

Splitting quests into General, Story, and Grind quests, we offer players to pursue a unique course of action and shape the world around them via said actions.

Within the past two years, our team has streamlined the processes of both training new team members in quest designing and how the quests themselves are designed, structured, and implemented.
A player-influence narrative Central to the player experience of Patriam: Infinitus is what we call the "Player-Influenced Narrative".

An ever-changing world and game requires an equally consistently evolving story. While I have written an overarching story that is expected to play out over the coming years that Patriam: Infinitus will run, the story and its major plot points are both intended to influence the actions of players and nations alike, but are also able to be influenced and changed by those same players and nations.

This story design gives the impression that players are in direct control of their own personal stories, while maintaining the engaging and entertaining elements that a structured story for some single-player videogames or films would traditionally bring.


Nations play an important part in all Patriam media. Often, nations, their political & military leaders or notable heroes of a specific nation are the focal point.
In Patriam: Infinitus, players can take control of either a historical Patriamic nation and will either work towards its historical goals and aspirations or alternatively forge a new fate for their nation.

Most nations in Patriam: Infinitus are bound together by a series of large cities populated with a harmonious mix of players and NPCs with smaller villages, outposts, and fortresses dotted across their claimed territory


In times of peace, players focus on building up their primary cities, establishing trade agreements and alliances with neighbours and friendly nations, and constructing new infrastructure, ports, farms, and fortifications

Working Together

As leaders and citizens, players must work together to ensure that their nation prospers, maintains sovereignty, and expands itself. Having to make important political, economic, and military choices that can significantly affect themselves, their nation, the nations of others, and the wider narrative of Patriam: Infinitus which, in turn, influences quests.


In times of war, players must band together and fight a series of pitched and siege battles to determine the outcome of a conflict. During war, Nation Leaders and City Governors/Lords have the ability to mobilise NPCs who would otherwise be farmers, merchants, builders, etc. and march into battle against their enemies with them.


Taking a look at this month in Patriam
image The City of Thenithria
The Kingdom of Thenithria is one of the world's oldest and most infamous nations. Once nothing more than a small fishing village, Thenithria transformed first into a city-state and regional power in Southern Kallonia before leading a conquest of the region before going on to conquer Northern Kallonia, uniting the two Kallonia's under a single banner for the first time in recorded history.

During their reign over a unified Kallonia, Thenithria became a rich and prosperous empire, allowing them to build their capital into the monument to civilisation it is today, its unparalleled architectural beauty and sprawling city of pure white elmin the only remaining evidence of its past empire... that and all the stories, legends, and ruins dotted across Northern and Southern Kallonia.

The Kingdom of Thenithria's golden age came to an end during The War of The Five Nations.
Facing conflict with the rising Norkinian Empire to the north and the powerful Empire of Akaria to the south in Senkaria, Thenithria allied itself with the warmongering Kingdom of Arkaelonia in Aeloen and later The Theocracy of Quiche in Watol. However, as the war dragged on and Thenithria faced rebellion in its conquered territories, the Norkinian and Akarian forces were eventually able to beat the Thenithrians, pushing them back to their capital before forcing a humiliating peace on the once-great empire, reducing them back to a meagre city-state.

Now, as the "Golden Age" of Patriam draws to a close, The Kingdom of Thenithria sits crumbling and weak under the glass-eye gaze of its puppeted King, but perhaps the heir to the throne could return The Kingdom of Thenithria to its former Imperial glory...
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01 Jan 2023 Credit: Japersx
Kotokai Village - The Empire of Hiwotsukeru Kotokai is a small Hiwotsukerese villages situated in Northern Watol. Originally theorised to be the site of a large native Watolian Sun Temple, only a small set of ruins remain as an indicator of the area's previous inhabitants.

Since its construction, Kotokai has faced various threats from within Watol's thick rainforests, ranging from terrifying man-eating creatures and the nefarious Black Sun Plague to Watolian tribes who wage a war of barbarism and raids against the Hiwotsukerese.
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02 Jan 2023
Credit: Neiroose
An Empire Divided - Cinematic Trailer At the end of a civilisation golden age and on the brink of total war, unease and chaos has spread across the world.

The Norkinian Empire has collapsed! Civil War has engulfed the once-mighty empire as its dual twin Princes, Bjarn IV and Elrejk III, vie for power and control over the throne and the once-great empire in this bloody conflict.

But the shadows grow ever-longer as the legendary Senkarian warlord begins preparations for a new wave of invasions while an ancient eons-long war enters a new era.
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01 Jan 2023
Credit: Atmos/Alex
Raehun Village - The Republic of Pacis Raehun is a medium-sized coastal town situated on the South-Eastern coast of Northern Kallonia. Raehun currently within the territory of The Republic of Pacis, but sits right on the border with The Kingdom of Aekola and has often been a battleground between the two competing regional powers.

During the Pacisian Independence Wars, multiple battles were fought between Pacisian loyalists and rebel forces who would eventually go on to form The Kingdom of Aekola some 175 years ago in and around Raehun and its territory.
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02 Jan 2023
Credit: Neiroose
Fort Kordona - The Kingdom of Andaeria The Order of Krynnis is a military order established during The War of The Five Nations by a coalition of Northern Kallonian noblemen and their armies over 500 years ago. The name "Krynnis" comes from the Kailon word for Protector (sometimes translated as Liberator or "People's Protector"), "Krynnicae".

As the Kingdom of Thenithria began to be pushed out of Northern Kallonia by Norkinian and Kallonian-Coalition forces during The War of the Five Nations, The Order of Krynnis had moved to lay siege to the Thenithrian stronghold of Kordona, a mighty fortress, however as The Order of Krynnis arrived they found the fortress abandoned as the Thenithrian 4th Legion had retreated further south to make a stand at various smaller forts and, primarily, Fort Desphania.

With the fortress almost completely untouched and full of supplies, The Order of Krynnis made their new home within Kordona, quickly establishing the fort as a crucial supply-hub for Norkinian and coalition forces as they continued to pursue the Thenithrians south.
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01 Jan 2023
Credit: Japersx
Oengillith Village - The Kingdom of Bouropheia Oengillith was initially a small wooden fort constructed by the Norkinian Empire during the War of the Five Nations, however after the war's conclusion and the establishment of The Kingdom of Bouropheia, the fort was transformed into a small border village with a permanent population, while maintaining a small set of fortifications and a rotating garrison as part of protecting the kingdom's southern border.

With Northern Kallonia being relatively peaceful since The War of the Five Nations, apart from the Pacisian Independence Wars, Oengillith's garrison has primarily switched to being an anti-banditry force, often coming to the aid of adventurers, merchants, traders, and other travelers in the area while hunting down bandits and destroying their camps and hideouts.
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01 Jan 2023
Credit: Atmos/Alex

Our Story

Patriam began as a very basic map, drawn by Alex Donnelly when he was 9 Years Old. Fast-forward to Late 2017-Early 2018 and Alex had begun extensive work on not only fleshing out the map, but sculpting a universe around it. As the Universe grew, Alex wanted to find ways to help bring his creation to the world and first settled on creating a mod for Paradox Interactive's Hearts of Iron IV - a grand strategy game. Unfortunately development crumbled and the team working on it went their separate ways.

Alex then decided to try a new avenue, Minecraft. With the extensive help, assistance and guidance of Ryan; PatriamMC, our first Minecraft Server, turned out to be a hit, opening first in Early September of 2019. The server has gone through two iterations and a spin-off (Patriam: Legends). Thus far with development of the new Patriam: The Age of Kings currently underway, promising a brand new and spectacular map as well as a wide variety of new and exciting features, content, mechanics, and gameplay!

In Early 2020, Alex and some friends of his would begin work on the first attempt of creating a live-action Patriam film, Patriam: Hunted.
Production of Patriam: Hunted would continue alongside Patriam in Minecraft and other smaller projects such as short stories, artwork, and livestreams until Patriam: Hunted was released to the public in late 2020, being submitted to the Briefs Film Festival and earning high acclaim there and later by the Patriam community after the short film was posted on the Patriam Studios Youtube Channel.

In late 2021, Alex and the PatriamMC team began work on Patriam: The Age of Kings, also sometimes referred to as Patriam: 3.0.
Patriam: The Age of Kings was set roughly 5000 years before Patriam: Infinitus, our current server, and worked upon the basis of a "Provinces System" in which nations could claim, colonise, and fight over provinces in which the map was divided into with each province provided more resources to nations to fuel expansion and progress. The Provinces System was inspired by the real-life De Jure system seen in Medieval Europe.
Patriam: The Age of Kings released on the 22nd of December, 2021 to widespread acclaim and jubilation from the Patriam community.

During Patriam: The Ages of Kings our community size increased by 400% in-part thanks to moving to 1.16 from 1.12 and introducing our Creator Program which encouraged content creators to play on Patriam and create mutually- beneficial content. Over the course of Patriam: The Age of KIngs' runtime we collected data on our content creators and found huge increased in almost every category for all the content creators who regularly played on the server.
After an extremely successful run, Patriam: The Age of Kings ended on March 20th, 2022 and, following a public vote, PatriamMC moved back into development and work began on Patriam: Infinitus, the final (and "forvever") edition of PatriamMC.

Patriam: Infinitus marked a new era for Patriam. For the first time, PatriamMC would become a modded minecraft experience, allowing us to greatly increase our creative capacity as the limitations of vanilla minecraft were shaken off.
Over the course of 2022 our team has worked hard to bring Patriam: Infinitus to life with stunningly-beautiful landscapes, incredibly detailed buildings, and a series of compelling quests scatterd across the world.

The First Phase of Patriam: Infinitus will release on January 31st, 2022 followed by the release of a Second Phase in May 2023 which will include expansions to the map and ingame content.
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