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    The Republic of Pacis, formerly The Empire of Pacis, is a large nation located on the South-Western coast of Northern Kallonia.

    The republic is a shell of its former self, having gone through a catastrophic regime change that saw the overthrowing of the Pacisian monarchy, the establishment of an Oligarchic republic, and the loss of significant amounts of territory to independence factions, the Republic of Pacis is a shell of its former self.

    Managing to cling to power and control of its capital, the Republican government of Pacis sought to achieve peace and security via agreement. Making treaties with their former arch-enemies of the Kyrenthians and Aeigonians to ensure peace between the three nations and the guaranteed independence of smaller Kingdoms to the North.

    Although formal hostilities had ended, clashes between particularly Aeigonian and Pacisian forces occurred frequently, particularly over control of the Kaelon Straits which The Republic of Pacis relied on for trade and naval access to their capital, an area of land that they fought tooth-and-nail for against the Aeigonians.

    The Republic of Pacis
    Debut: Patriam: 2.0
    Features in: Patriam 2.0

    Patriam: The Age of Kings

    Patriam: Infinitus

    Patriam: TV Series

    Patriam: The Saga of Roljar
    Final Appearence: Patriam: TV Series
    Historcial Information
    Date Established:
    Place of Establishment:
    Date Disbanded:
    Place of Disbandment:
    Affiliation: The Coalition of Realms

    The Empire of Pacis (formerly)

    The Great Army of Humanity
    Prominent Citizens:
    Significant Actions: The War of the Nine Kings

    The War of the Five Nations

    The Northern Kallonian Independence Wars

    The First Pacisian-Aeigonian War

    The Second Pacisian-Aeigonian War
    Societal Information
    Capital City: Pacis
    Languages: Kaelonian
    Religion: Oegarism
    Holidays Celebrated: Republic Day
    Political Information
    Government Type: Oligarchic Republic

    Imperial Semi-Constitutional Monarchy (formerly)
    Head of State: Consul of Pacis

    Emperor of Pacis (formerly)
    Head of Government: Consul of Pacis
    Commander-in-chief: Consul of Pacis

    Emperor of Pacis (formerly)
    Executive Branch: Consul of Pacis

    Emperor of Pacis (formerly)
    Legislative Branch: The Pacisian Senate
    Military Branch: The Legionaries of Pacis
    Judiciary Branch:
    State Religious Body:

    Politics of The Republic

    Politically, the republic is in shambles.
    There are three major factions within the Pacisian senate. The Merchant Oligarchs, The Legionaries, and the Old Guard, sometimes referred to as the Loyalists.

    The Merchant Oligarchs and The Legionaries dominate the senate, with the Loyalists seeing little political representation and power.

    The Merchant Oligarchs seek to maintain their enriching monopolies on trade, ensuring high tariffs remain on imports, and making new trade agreements with neighbours in order to bring in further revenue for themselves. The merchants initially forged an alliance with the Legionaries in the hopes of overthrowing the Emperor who had ensured that their power, wealth, and influence did not reach uncontrollable and unreasonable levels, preventing them from becoming the oligarchs they are now. The Emperor's deposing allowed for a Pro-Merchant leader to becoming the first Consul of the new Republic, styling himself as a democratic leader of change and prosperity, the Legionaries were unable to challenge his rule with such high public support.

    The Legionaries seek to return Pacis to its former glory. Initially believing that the overthrow of the Emperor would allow for a new military-aligned dictator to rule, The Legionaries hoped that a new leader would allow Pacis to rise again and crush the independence movements sweeping away vast parts of its territory. However the ascension of a Pro-Merchant Consul meant that the new Republican government would rather seek to preserve the territory it held onto currently and end its various conflicts with independence factions as quickly and cheaply as possible.

    The Loyalists entered the political sphere later, usually beginning as a Legionary, these loyalists got their name from their loyalty to the last Pacisian Emperor, believing that a monarchic restoration and the empowering of the Emperor would allow for a new Golden Age for Pacis and the eventual reconquest of Pacis's former territories. These small yet dedicated political rebels weakened the total political power of the Merchant Oligarchs, allowing the Merchants to rule Pacis almost without opposition for the past 175 years.

    Now, with the treaty of Raehun under increasing pressure and hostilities between Pacis and its neighbours reaching a breaking-point once again, something must give or change lest Pacis be destroyed in its entirety.