The World of Patriam | Patriam: Infinitus - Phase 1 Overview

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      The Order of Krynnis
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         The Norkinian Empire
  • The World of Patriam

    Patriam: Infinitus - Phase 1 Overview

    The world is in turmoil.

    A golden age of relative peace and flourishing trade has come to a crashing end. A terrifying threat in the west seeks to undo all of civilisation, while the guiding imperial forces that once held the world together crumble like sand as opportunists seek to take control. Northern Kallonia is on the brink of war.
    A tense peace between The Republic of Pacis and the Kingdoms of Aeigon and Kyrenthia is at a breaking point. Border skirmishes, attacks on trade caravans, and raids conducted by "bandits" have increase tenfold.

    The Norkinian Empire has entered into a Civil War, and its former colonial territories in the far north of Northern Kallonia now act as small independent realms, each governed by a powerful warlord. But if they remain divided and in conflict, an outside force could rise to the opportunity and seize control.

    The Republic of Pacis, alongside its building conflict with its neighbours, is in political turmoil. The political factions of the Merchant Guilds, The Legionaries, and The Loyalists that rule the crumbling Republic are at eachother's throats, and a civil war could be likely if the crisis is not resolved.

    Pirates and raiders have increased attacks on trade and coastal settlements.
    The once-powerful Norkinian navy that previously protected trade in the region is now divided and occupied in the growing Civil War in Norkinia.
    Although most pirates and raiders alike come from the likes of Aeloen and Aungmar, Senkarian pirates have been seen attacking trade ships and scouting coastlines as rumours spread of a powerful Senkarian warlord who seeks total domination over the known world.

    The minor Kingdoms in the North and West of Northern Kallonia are weary.
    A war between the three primary powers of the continent would further affect trade and commerce in the region, no doubt signalling the beginning of resource conflicts and famines alike as old rivalries and ancient claims are used as justification for total war.

    The Order of Krynnis, known for their elite soldiers who, at times, lend themselves as mercenaries to various sides of a conflict, are making preparations for a continent-wide conflict.
    Lords from across Northern Kallonia have been sending levies and professional soldiers alike to partake in training conducted by the Order at their home of Fort Kordona, once the capital of the Thenithrian Military in Northern Kallonia.
    Although these trainings provide much gold to the coffers of the Order, it is a sign that a great war is just on the horizon.

    All this and more in Patriam: Infinitus - Phase 1