The Norkinian Empire

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      The Order of Krynnis
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         The Norkinian Empire
  • The Drunathein​

    Hasteinsvoll is an old city, the land on which it holds has changed hands throughout the ages between various powerful factions, kingdoms, and empires.

    What we today consider to be the city of Hasteinsvoll began with the ancient Drunathein people. The Drunathein were originally seafaring refugees from The Kingdom of Argonia who begun arriving in Eastern Inner Patriam some These new settlers called themselves Drunathein. The Drunathein were a class of fair-skinned warrior-statemen that made up much of Argonia's Elite Legionaries.
    Following The Destruction of Argonia, the Drunathein sailed across the world to find a new home for themselves and their families. While some settled in Northern Kallonia, Aungmar and Aeloen, the majority made their way to Norkinia where they settled across the western coastline. The most prominent of these new western settlements was that of Hallesoll.

    Hallesoll & The War with the Nuokaenians​

    Hallesoll quickly established itself as the de-facto capital of the various new Drunathein realms and settlements both in Western Norkinia and the regions of Northern Kallonia, Eastern Aungmar, and Northern Aeloen. Initially the Drunathein used grey stone mined from the hills and mountains of Norkinia and Aeloen to construct buildings similar to the Pseudo-Graeco-Roman architecture of The Kingdom of Argonia, but more modest and simplistic designs were quickly adopted as costs began to mount and relations with the native Nuokaenian tribes continued to deteriorate.

    The Drunathein had often fought the Nuokaenians, particularly in skirmishes in the dense forests or rocky plains of Norkinia and far from the reaches of city defences. Attempts to build roads and infrastructure between different coastal settlements proved difficult and dangerous under the threat of brutal Nuokaenian raids. Similarly, mines were often attacked and razed by Nuokaenian raiders as they were usually lightly defended and had no substantial defences to repel attacks. This would lead to the establishment of a large port covering the entirety of Hallesoll's coastline in order to facilitate stone and mineral imports from Aeloen to make up for the lost mines, as well as food and wood imports from Northern Kallonia as Norkinia's climate made it difficult to grow crops and maintain tree farms.

    As the Nuokaenians became bolder, rulers of the Drunathein settlements in Norkinia began construction of extensive walls, castles, and other fortifications in order to keep their populations and cities safe.