The Order of Krynnis

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      The Order of Krynnis
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  • The Order of Krynnis​

    The Order of Krynnis is a military order established during The War of The Five Nations by a coalition of Northern Kallonian noblemen and their armies over 500 years ago.
    The name "Krynnis" comes from the Kailon word for Protector (sometimes translated as Liberator or "People's Protector"), "Krynnicae".

    Foundation & The War of The Five Nations​

    As the Kingdom of Thenithria began to be pushed out of Northern Kallonia by Norkinian and Kallonian-Coalition forces during The War of the Five Nations, The Order of Krynnis had moved to lay siege to the Thenithrian stronghold of Kordona, a mighty fortress, however as The Order of Krynnis arrived they found the fortress abandoned as the Thenithrian 4th Legion had retreated further south to make a stand at various smaller forts and, primarily, Fort Desphania.
    With the fortress almost completely untouched and full of supplies, The Order of Krynnis made their new home within Kordona, quickly establishing the fort as a crucial supply-hub for Norkinian and coalition forces as they continued to pursue the Thenithrians south.

    The Order of Krynnis
    Debut: Patriam: Infinitus
    Features in: Patriam: Infinitus
    Final Appearence: N/A
    Date Established:
    Place of Establishment: Third Council of The Noblemen
    Headquarters: Kordona
    Allegiances: The Coalition, The Pacisian Empire, The Republic of Pacis, The Great Army of Humanity
    Prominent Members: Aesim Laeonar
    Significant Actions: War of The Five Nations
    - The Battle of Pacis
    - The Siege of Kordona
    - The Siege of Desphania
    - The Battle of Kaen Field
    - The Battle of Oenthaen
    - The Siege of Kyrinnia
    - The Battle of Paedor Mountain
    - The Battle of Thenithria
    - The Siege of Thenithria

    The Kallonian Independence Wars
    - The Aenhuronic Siege of Fort Kordona
    - The Battle of Boronion
    - The Battle of Cnidiene
    - The Siege of Neapakros Fortress
    - The Second Siege of Desphania

    Prosperity and Conflict​

    With the conclusion of The War of The Five Nations, the coalition quickly fell apart as various warring factions rose up to fill the power vacuum, beginning the series of conflicts known as The Kallonian Independence Wars.
    The Order of Krynnis, although under pressure to take a side, remained mostly neutral although did partake in various battles across Northern Kallonia with no particular allegiance to any one side or cause.

    The Treaty of Pacis, which proclaimed The Pacisian Empire and various other new Northern Kallonian realms, marked the end of this era of warfare and yet still the home of the order remained almost entirely untouched. However, under the treaty, the territory in which Fort Kordona sat upon was Pacisian, but the Order's Commander at the time, Aesim Laeonar, refused to accept Pacisian soveriegnty over the Order and thus the Pacisian Emperor sent a large army to besiege and capture Fort Kordona.

    Owing to their extensive knowledge of the local area and centuries of warrior traditions, the Order of Krynnis at first launched various ambushes and raids against the advancing Pacisian force, using hit-and-run skirmish tactics to pick away at the superior force and weaken both their supply-lines and morale bit by bit. By the time the Pacisian army had reached Fort Kordona they had been reduced to half strength and were already low on supplies.

    As the Pacisians began setting up their siege weapons on the third day, Aesim Laeonar led a huge cavalry charge to attack and rout the Pacisian force and secure the Order's independence from Pacis. A bloody battle ensued but the tired and starving Pacisian army was no match for the superior cavalry of the Order and were decisively defeated. With their first defeat in almost 150 years, the Pacisian Emperor was forced to come to the negotiating table with The Order of Krynnis.

    The Treaty of Kaegon​

    Eventually agreeing upon the Treaty of Kaegon which would guarantee the Order's continued independence but forbid the Order from fighting against Pacis, either by the Order's own will or as mercenaries, and that the Order would pay an annual tribune to the Emperor which included a rotating elite guard of the Emperor.
    The Treaty of Kaegon lasted for another 225 years before the last Pacisian Emperor was overthrown and The Republic of Pacis was established, and, unable to hold onto all its previous territory, many new Kingdoms and factions sprung up and proclaimed independence loudly and began a series of conflicts known as The Thirty Years War, however The Order of Krynnis remained officially neutral and quietly became fully independent for the first time since The Treaty of Kaegon.