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Important Patriam Rules (Server, Website, Discord)

Patriam Server Rules!
Last Updated: August 19, 2021

A message from the Executive Team,
Hi there, this is a very important document that I hope you will make yourself familiar with. Many of the rules listed below are common sense but are explicitly listed to give you an idea of what is not allowed on Patriam.

We prepare our staff members with training and documents on how we would like them to respond to certain situations. We give rough guidelines...
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The Three Nation Types

The Three Nation Types​

During your travels across Patriam, you will encounter a diverse range of peoples, governments, nations and nation types. Its usually important to pay attention to the nation type, especially when deciding on what nation you should call your home!

What are The Three Nation Types?

The Three Nation Types are:
Settled Nations
Nomadic Nations
Raider Nations

What is a Settled Nation?


Architectural Styles and Cultures of Patriam

Colour Codes even smaller.png

Cultures and Architectural Styles​

Each colour represents a specific culture with a unique architectural style based on real world styles.

- Vikings with a bit of Anglo-Saxon. Similar to Danelaw.

- Central, Anglo and/or Eastern Medieval.

Northern Kallonian
- Roman with a bit of Central European Medieval.

- Minoan with hints of Senkarian and...


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