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Important Patriam Rules (Server, Website, Discord)

Patriam Server Rules!
Last Updated: February 3, 2021

A message from gerber11, Director and Co-Founder of Patriam
Hi there, this is a very important document that I hope you will make yourself familiar with. Many of the rules listed below are common sense but are explicitly listed to give you an idea of what is not allowed on Patriam.

We prepare our staff members with training and documents on how we would like them to respond to certain...

Important Account Linking (Discord, Plan)

Hey there Minecrafter!

If you are new to the server and unable to perform any commands on the server, this is because you are likely in the rank [Unlinked] which means you do not have your Discord account linked.
For security reasons, we enforce a link between your MC account and Discord which allows staff to see the connection between MC users and Discord users. Thus removing any anonymity and guesswork.​
You are likely asking why we do this? In the event that a player decides to...​
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Doc Patriam's Custom Recipes

Our custom crafting recipes are...

Requirements: Chains (x24 total for a full set of armor)





Due to the Brewery plugin requiring Brewing Stands, we have had to make a custom recipe for the brewing stand.

  1. x1 Lightning Rod
  2. x3 Cobblestone


Due to the Brewery plugin requiring Brewing Stands, we have had to make a custom recipe for blaze powder to power the brewing stands...
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ImportantDoc Information Superdoc

We use a Custom Resource Pack!
Download it here

You will also be prompted to use it when you join the server unless you have disabled that.

It modifies the UI slightly and changes various blocks to our liking. Furthermore, it adds models for some unique things such as our longboats and for our doors plugin. It is pretty much required if you want the full...
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Doc Brewery Recipes

Wheat beer:
- Wheat x 5
Cooking time: 6 minutes
Wood type: Any barrel
Aging: 3
Difficulty: 1

- Wheat x 8
Cooking time: 7 minutes
Wood type: Birch barrel
Aging: 3 years
Difficulty: 1

Fine Beer:
- The notes seems to be scribbles out and illegible

Dark Beer:
- Wheat x 9
Cooking time: 9 minutes
Wood type: Oak barrel
Aging: 5 years
Difficulty: 2

- Sugar Cane x 9
- Sugar x 2...
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