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    Rejected Character Application

    Rejected There is basically nothing to this application. You should answer all questions to the best of your ability, and your backstory needs to be greatly expanded upon, especially if you hope to be a province lord.
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    Approved character app update

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    Rejected character application

    Rejected "Troblutk (capital of wurtrum)" is not a province, nor is Wurtum even on the map. Perhaps you mean Tokchtlak which is the capital province of The Empire of Hiwotsukeru. Although not relevant, the ruling Kaikanjei Dynasty of Wurtum (not featured in our current map) is the city of...
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    Pending Open Character Application

    Pending The names you have used are more applicable to the Quicheans, coincidentally these are the people who would eventually rule the lands of Quichotl, Quoitkzulat, and Qualezutol, among other Watolian lands. Perhaps consider switching from Nuokaenian to that of Quichean?
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    Approved Character app

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    Pending Open Province Lord Application - Quoitkzulat

    Pending Your province backstory is far too short. You will probably not be able to use your current character for this province unless you come up with a really good reason explaining why a Baravian Drunathein is ruling a Watolian province (since you should consider that a nation cannot be...
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    Approved Character app

    18 is the youngest age and make the name change to your app.
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    Pending Open Application

    The whole tone of the backstory is just off, because it reads like the backstory of an IRA member or Italian Mobster (or I guess Irish Mobster which works too) so have a go at trying to reword it perhaps? I can't accept it the way it is right now.
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    Pending Open Application

    Pending You cannot be called Vinny, nor can you be a 1920s Italian gangster
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    Approved Character app

    Pending You cannot be 12 As per other requests, I cannot allow the use of Wong.
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    Pending Open Character Application (BURAKUN)

    Pending You cannot crash land on Patriam as someone from another planet Your race/culture cannot be human, please pick an appropriate Patriamic culture Your religion cannot be "NON BELIEVER"
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    Pending Open Charakter Application (Kawkjun)

    Pending There is no Atlantis in Patriam, you also make far too many references to irl things and names, please make the appropriate changes or your application will be rejected.
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    Rejected caracter application

    Rejected You're literally this Please make an original character
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    Pending Open Character Application

    Pending Please expand upon your backstory
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    Pending Open Character Application

    Pending Alduin is a name from Skyrim Your backstory states that you came to Hiwotsukeru and not born there, meaning that you cannot be Taikyo-Wurtumese. With this and your name you are better off being a Drunathein
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    Approved Character