Important Account Linking (Discord, Plan)

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Hey there Minecrafter!

If you are new to the server and unable to perform any commands on the server, this is because you are likely in the rank [Unlinked] which means you do not have your Discord account linked.
For security reasons, we enforce a link between your MC account and Discord which allows staff to see the connection between MC users and Discord users. Thus removing any anonymity and guesswork.​
You are likely asking why we do this? In the event that a player decides to interrupt roleplay for example and a staff member was not able to get to it at the time. We have logs that allow us to investigate the issue and if required, we can track the user down and talk to them through Discord as we can lookup the connected Discord account to MC users.​
Furthermore, Discord-MC sync allows us to sync any extra roles you might have such as Donator ranks or for some people, staff ranks.​
The important connection is Discord-MC. It is not strictly enforced, but we do recommend that you link your forum account as well. Once again, this allows us to sync roles between Discord and the forums and also allows us to relate your forum account to your MC Discord and thus your MC user.

Below are the methods to which you link your Discord to MC and your Discord to the Forums.

The last spoiler is the linking process is for the Discord proximity chat.

Before you begin following the steps, make sure you are in our Discord! Join here!

The process to link your Discord to MC is quite simple and does not require your personal information!

Important step: Make sure you are on the Discord server or you can do /discord ingame to get the same link.

On the Minecraft server, run the command: /discord link

You will be presented with this message in your chat. The import thing is the code 1636, every user will one a one-time unique code to use.

If you are NOT given a message like that above and you get NO response from running the command. Message a staff member! We will be required to manually link your account.

In our Discord server, look for our bot called Precursor Comms

You will need to click on this bot and hit Send Message


If you are having issues with this step, verify your privacy setting allows direct messages from server members!
Read the spoiler below if you are having issues

Make sure that this setting is ENABLED!

Type in the 4 digit code that you were given ingame and you SHOULD see the following,

This is all! Your account is now linked to your Discord. This means any extra roles you get will be synced ingame such as Donator ranks.

You may also notice that your Discord nickname will be changed to your MC username. This is a normal and expected automated process that we have enabled in the Discord link process. This is so players are able to identify you on Discord.

If you're interested in using the proximity chat feature on the server. You must link your Discord with the above steps. Then there is only 1 more thing you have to do!

1. Join the Lobby voice channel in the Ingame Proximity Chat Category

The lobby is only meant as a gateway for the bot to assign users to channels. All players will be muted in the lobby chat. However, once players get within the configured range of each other, the bot will move all players within range to a new temporary channel where speech is allowed.

The easiest way to get your account linked is to create your forums account with your Discord, which uses your Discord email for the account. However, if you didn't know or didn't want to do that. You can manually link it by the following,

In the top right of the page, find your user icon/picture.


Click the icon and you will see the following,

Click on Connected Accounts and link your Discord.​

We have this wonderful plugin that allows users to view their playtime data.

After linking your Discord account to your in-game account; ie. the first spoiler of this tread.
Follow these steps to register your user account on Plan.

1. Go to

2. Hit Create Account

3. Type in any username and password that you will remember!

3.5. You will be given a new prompt

4. Copy the first command in pink and log into the Minecraft server if you have not already done so

5. Open up your chat and copy and paste that command, or type it.

6. That is it! You're done!

Now you can do /plan player in the server receive a link to your player page.
You can also do /plan ingame to get the information ingame without using your browser.
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