Pending Open Accrayer's Character Application

This application is pending further details. Please review the comment posted by a staff member with the heading "Pending" as it will contain the information required for the application to be further evaluated.


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Jan 12, 2022

Background Information

Minecraft Username:
- Accrayer

Discord Name#Identifier (Ex. Atmos | PatriamStudios#0001)
- MonkeMan#3257

(OPTIONAL) Please provide a link to any previously approved character applications
- N/A

Character Details (Greater detail and info are expected!)

What is the name of your character?
- Ahwatu

What is the age of your character? (The humans of Patriam are genetically modified to live extremely long, even in harsh conditions. The average live expectancy currently is between 125-150 years old! Royalty could live to 200!)
- 28

What province are you currently in OR will be joining upon acceptance?
- Vilavastiage

What culture/race is your character? (Nuokaenian, Drunathein, Proto-Kallonian, Proto-Watolian, etc.)
- Nuokaenian

What religion is your character? (Must be an existing religion, otherwise simply put "N/A" or "Undefined Native Religion"
- Undefined Native Religion

Does your character have any relations to any other existing characters? (Must have approval from the players playing the existing characters first!)
- N/A

Does your character hold any official titles, ranks, jobs ingame? (E.g. Province Lord, King, Farmer, Soldier etc.)
- Miner

Please provide a backstory to your character (Linking to Google Docs is acceptable, the more in-depth the more likely you are to get accepted, especially if you are applying to be a province lord!!)

- Born to a rather poor Nuokaenian family and in small northern forgotten village Arvid's early childhood was rough to say the least. Living in the upper climates of Patriam was never an easy feat yet his people managed. His father was a coal miner and mother was a bar maid in the villages tiny tavern. At the early years of his life he would be taught about the gods and and ways of his people, learning valuable skills like fishing and how to cook basic meals. Although the most important skill he would learn was to how to mine from his father, his early teenage years being spent in the mines with his father. Days after his 15 birthday his father would die from a devastating collapse of the coal mine he was working in, his sorrow for the loss of his father would grow on him soon falling into a early depression. Unmotivated to work he would spend his days on the streets sitting around or simply staring up at the sky, contemplating with the gods. Not before long he would begin to take a liking to Nuokaenian history, actively listening to villager elders renditions of long lost stories of his people. A few days marking the winter solstice of his 20th year disaster would strike the village, a neighboring Nuokaenian clan would raid his village looting and pillaging it off all its valuables and people. Luckily he would be able to escape the massacre and retreat to the mountains. Upon settling a tiny cave in seclusion the boy would begin to rethink his past and all that the elders told of him of his peoples ancient culture. "We must isolate and rebuild, our people are survivors so we will endure the storm that is to come. And when it is our time face the storm the gods will smile upon us as we are prepared..."

Have you previously played on earlier renditions of Patriam in Minecraft?
- No

Any extra information/things you'd like to add?
- Nothing at the moment
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Jan 3, 2021


You cannot have the name Arvid Ironheart as both are existing irl names.