Architectural Styles and Cultures of Patriam

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Cultures and Architectural Styles​

Each colour represents a specific culture with a unique architectural style based on real world styles.

- Vikings with a bit of Anglo-Saxon. Similar to Danelaw.

- Central, Anglo and/or Eastern Medieval.

Northern Kallonian
- Roman with a bit of Central European Medieval.

- Minoan with hints of Senkarian and Roman.

Southern Kallonian
- A mix of Aeloenic/Alpanian, Northern Kallonian and Ketanite. Graeco-Roman + Central European Medieval + Anglo Saxon Medieval + Minoan.

- Aztec, Mayan, Inca etc.

- Mongols, Huns, Timurids etc.

- Arabic, Persian, Carthaginian, Middle Eastern etc.

- Sub-Saharan African.

- Polynesian/Maori/Hawaiian.

- East Asian, e.g. Medieval/Ancient Japan, Korea, China, Cambodia, Vietnam etc.

"Freeclaim" Areas​

Areas that are white/have no colour are what are known as "Freeclaim" Areas.
Freeclaim Areas are parts of the map that have no set culture and/or architectural style and are represented by the white areas on the map above. There are also no preclaimed nations in these areas.
Players may apply for a nation in these areas and may choose any kind of culture and architectural style. (Note: Freeclaim Area nations that use an already created culture, e.g. Northern Kallonian, must create a backstory to explain why that culture has ended up in those lands.) When founding a new nation in Freeclaim Areas, players must specify the architectural styles and ethnic characteristics (if applicable). Refer to the Nations Map [WIP] for more information on what areas are currently available.

Multi-Colour Areas​

Multi-Colour areas are areas of the above map that have two different colours, represented with one primary colour and one secondary colour in the form of small horizontal lines. The primary colour is the primary culture/architectural style with the lines in a differing colour being a secondary culture that could be used, however it is preferred that the dominant culture be used. A hybrid-culture/architectural design could also spawn from these regions.

For more information on Architectural Styles, Cultures, Multi-Colour Areas and "Freeclaim" Areas of Patriam, visit the PatriamMC discord


  • Colour Codes even smaller.png
    Colour Codes even smaller.png
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