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This application is pending further details. Please review the comment posted by a staff member with the heading "Pending" as it will contain the information required for the application to be further evaluated.


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Feb 4, 2022
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Character Details :

Name : Berrian Raethran

Province: Tokchtlak

Race: Taikyo Wurtmese

Age: 27

Religion: N/A for now

Relations: None

Job: Miner / Jack of all trades


Berrian Grew up in a small Hamlet in the deep woods of Alduin Par, he has no knowledge of his parents (his mother died giving birth to him, and his father went missing),he grew up with his uncle who taught him how to hunt and how to fend for himself.

One fateful day at the age of 15, Berrian was exploring the woods, then he heard loud noises and sounds, soon he went rushing to a nearby hill, and on top of the hill he saw in shock with his very own eyes a most terrible scene

The hamlet was burning, bodies of his people on the ground covered in their own blood

As his eye gazed at culprit of who did this, turned out that they are a handful of bandit or outlaws, they were killing anyone they saw, realizing he couldn’t do anything Berrian walked away turning his back to his once a peaceful hamlet but now only ashes and fire, fire was everywhere but mostly in Berrian’s heart , as he walked and traveled from place to place for years, doing any kind of work he can do, finally he reached the lands of Hiwotsukeru, it was then at the age of 27 that Berrian decided that he would give a chance and settle down a bit

Have you previously played on earlier renditions of Patriam in Minecraft? no

Extra Information:



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Jan 3, 2021


Alduin is a name from Skyrim
Your backstory states that you came to Hiwotsukeru and not born there, meaning that you cannot be Taikyo-Wurtumese. With this and your name you are better off being a Drunathein