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Background Information

Minecraft Username:

Discord Name#Identifier (Ex. Atmos | PatriamStudios#0001)

(OPTIONAL) Please provide a link to any previously approved character applications

Character Details (Greater detail and info are expected!)

What is the name of your character? You can find a namelist to choose from here if you are struggling!

What is the age of your character? (The humans of Patriam are genetically modified to live extremely long, even in harsh conditions. The average live expectancy currently is between 125-150 years old! Royalty could live to 200!)

What nation are you currently in OR will be joining upon acceptance? (If none currently, please put N/A)

What culture/race is your character? (Norkinian, Northern Kallonian, Southern Kallonian, Aeloenic, etc.)
-Northern Kallonian

What religion is your character? (Must be an existing ingame and/or Canon religion, otherwise simply put "N/A" or "Undefined Native Religion"

Does your character have any relations to any other existing characters? (Must have approval from the players playing the existing characters first!)

Does your character hold any roleplay titles, ranks, jobs, etc. ingame? (E.g. Settlement Lord, King, Farmer, Soldier etc.)

Please provide a backstory to your character (Linking to Google Docs is acceptable, the more in-depth the more likely you are to get accepted, especially if you are applying to be a province lord!!)
-Myrrin came from a dying province on the northern shores of Pacis. He lived in a town named Dymnok which had once been a center of trade and ship building, but over the centuries, the violent tides had crashed against the rocky shores and the city slowly crumbled into the sea until its only buildings were those that had been on the western-most side of Dymnok. Myrrin, himself a ship-builder and a sailor, resented that more and more townsfolk kept leaving the home that their forefathers had thrived in at the height of the Republic's power. However, as the population dwindled, Myrrin accepted the reality that Dymnok was dying. The last straw for him was when a band of armor-clad men from the north made landfall on one unfortunate day. These foreigners, speaking an unfamiliar tongue had ransacked, slaughtered, and taken captives before disappearing into the cursed waters from which they came.

Escaping with his life, the 50 year-old Myrrin fled to the capital and took a job in boat-work, where he stayed for nearly a decade. He made his living repairing fishing boats and noblemen's private galleys, and he became known for marking his work by discretely carving his initial M on the underside of any repair job. By chance, his mark was discovered by a wealthy client who saw it as a form of vandalism, and it led to a court battle that ended with a compromise. If Myrrin agreed to work for the Republic by building, maintaining, and captaining naval vessels, then the state would repay his debts to the client. He accepted. After all, he knew that these were turbulent times, and Pacis desperately needed ships to prepare for a potential war with those who had raided Myrrin's home a decade ago.

With that, he took his post at a shipyard near a fortress in the south, where he serves his country in preparation for war.

Have you previously played on earlier renditions of Patriam in Minecraft?
-Yes, all of them.

As part of playing on Patriam: Infinitus, we are implementing a new player agreement to aid in the immersion, roleplay, and gameplay of the server. The agreement is as follows:

Do you agree to
  • Remain and speak in-character when interacting with other players ingame, including both using text and voice chat
  • Keep all Out-Of-Character (OOC) communications to either the main Patriam discord or the separate Patriam Nations Discord
  • Ensure that the skin you use fits your character (i.e. must be human, match the culture of your character, etc.)
  • Uphold the immersion found within Patriam: Infinitus for the benefit of both yourself and others via participating faithfully and realistically in roleplay and in your interactions with others.

Any extra information/things you'd like to add?
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