Pending Colonization-Related Colonization Application - Kuoanaina (Vassal State of Nuokano to be under the expanded power of Vilavastige)

This application is pending further details. Please review the comment posted by a staff member with the heading "Pending" as it will contain the information required for the application to be further evaluated.


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Mar 29, 2021
Background Information

Your Minecraft Username:

Your Vassal's Minecraft Username:

Discord Name#Identifier (Ex. Ryan#6907)

Your Vassal's Discord Name#Identifier (Ex. Ryan#6907)

Link to your character application (Please provide the link to the thread of your approved character application)

Link to your vassal's character application (Please provide the link to the thread of your vassal's approved character application)

Are you 16 years of age or older?

Is your vassal 16 years of age or older?

Nation-Related (Greater detail is expected!)
What province are you applying to colonise? (Please province the name of the province as per Patriam: The Age of Kings' Dynmap)

What colour does your realm use on the map? (Please provide a HEX code)

How many players will be joining your new vassal province upon acceptance? (Bonus points if they are already members of the Discord and can be named | Put N/A otherwise)
-1-3 (vassal state leader will be ZombieSlayer916)

What is the permanent Discord invite for your home province and/or realm?
-(none for Vilavastige), but for Nuokonacis:

Detailed (Please answer the following in greater detail.)

What culture is your vassal province? (Ex: Nuokaenian, Drunathein, Proto-Watolian, etc.) [You can make up your own!]

What religion is your vassal province? (OPTIONAL)

What government type is your vassal province? (Bonus points for unique titles and/or systems of government)
-One-Party State (Monarchy without royal titles)

Why do you want to be colonize this province?
-I am granting Vilavastige the permission to expand their control over the province of Kuoanaina for three main reasons:
1. To cultivate further technological and architectural development
2. To provide more space for faction growth and resource farming
3. To utilize the province as a land buffer in the case of an invasion by Northern Kallonian factions that are not allied with Vilavastige and are not a part of my domain

What is the background and/or history of your vassal province OR the history of your colonisation efforts in-lore? (Linking to Google Docs is acceptable, the more detail and relation to existing lore the better! And remember, colonising a province takes thousands of people in-lore, not just you and your two friends!)

-It is the peak of winter, and the lands have run dry because of the cold and drought. Crops are limited, morale is low, and Vilavastige is in desperation for some kind of break. The people of the hardened nation rely mostly on Kelp, but new crops have been discovered through their extensive trade deals with Kallonian and other Nuokaenian states, including Pumpkins and potatoes. However, despite these agricultural discoveries (including advances in irrigation and crop storage that is adapted to the harsh winter climates), Vilavastige suffers from the possibility of withering away from their title as a trade empire of all the lands. However, the province of Nuokano, a great power just south of Vilavastige, offers the weakened state a deal that couldn't be refused: the expansion of territory for Vilavastige into surrounding states to further technological progress and continue developing methods of defense.

-Nuokano noticed heightened tensions between Kyrenthia and Vilavastige to where economic sanctions were put in place. However, Nuokano had no choice but to place a sanction on a prominent international bank that feeds both Kyrenthia and Vilavastige in order to temporarily weaken Kyrenthia so that Vilavastige could have the time to settle in this province. However, the sanction on the funds also hurt Vilavastige to where money could not be paid to Nuokano for vassalship fines and protection. Thus, Nuokano struck a deal with its Vilavastige vassal: accept the sanction on the international bank funding, take money provided directly from Nuokano, accept the debt, and give up Kuoanaina as a direct vassal state that serves merely as an extension to Vilavastige. At this time, Kuoanaina was not on the radar of Nuokano and Vilavastige, but diplomats from Nuokano explained the importance of increasing land defense systems, expanding farmland, and creating a land buffer between them and Kyrenthia while Kyrenthia was in a temporarily weakened state.

-Nuokano predicted Kyrenthia to be weakened for several years as they were also trying to spread resources across its vassal states and allies. This was the perfect opportunity. Nuokano instructed Villavastige to send a small colonization party into Kuoanaina to scout the land, and a great deal of ore depositories were found. In addition, a very valuable natural harbor was discovered on the west side of the province. The successful scouting party returned, giving Vilavastige and Nuokano more incentive to further colonize the land. In a rapid amount of time, Vilavastige, with financial support from Nuokano, sent 50 families and 3 ships to settle and occupy the province. Rudimentary farmland was built, and small homes were constructed that adhered to the families' basic needs. Kuoanaina was already emulating the hard lifestyle Vilavastige promised its citizens.

-As of now, nothing is known of the province's history or possible connections to alien civilizations. There are rumors from neighboring provinces that an ancient order known as the Cult of Kosmos once held a secret position in the region during the conflicts between Thenithria and Nuokaenia. Thus, Nuokano has ordered thorough investigations into the land's history to find any evidence of this ancient order or any other secret knowledge.

Any extra information/things you'd like to add?
-If accepted, Kuoanaina will become a sub-vassal state to Vilavastage. However, in the eyes of Nuokonacis (the name of my domain), Kuoanaina is seen as an expansion of Vilavastage to ensure that Kuoanaina is a true vassal state to Nuokano. This is per an agreement made between KyleTivis and myself so that a kingdom could be solidified.
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Jan 3, 2021


Shogunate is not a Patriam-friendly government type
ZombieSlayer must be named as the vassal, not Kyle
You do not meet the requirements to colonise a province (home province needs 6 members, currently 2)

If these issues are not resolved quickly the application will be denied.