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Jan 3, 2021
Hi, there applicant! You've found the Helper Application! Filling out this format and completing this application may give you the chance to join our team! However, you must have some background information first. The team is meant to be an inviting group of people who can provide players with customer support such as teaching them the basics of questing or submitting a bug on the forums but they must also be one who is knowledgeable of our rules and able to enforce them based on the given facts and use reasonable discretion to resolve a situation.
The staff team is run by one of the Owners and a Director of Patriam, @gerber11.

Our staff team is greatly appreciated as it allows us to provide amazing content to our community such as events, builds, and a unique experience. However, due to the nature of server operations, we are unable to provide/afford any sort of financial incentive. A position on our staff team is strictly volunteer

Please feel free to reach out to an Executive Team Member on our Discord.

  • Must be 14 years of age or older​
  • Must have a non-cracked Minecraft account​
  • Must have a verified Discord account​
  • Must have a Google / Gmail account​
    • Some staff documents are locked and require a Gmail account to access. If you do not have one, it is free to register for an account.​
  • Must not have any active bans or serious infractions on file on any Patriam platforms (Server, Discord, or Website)​
    • Active but minor infractions or irrelevant (older) infractions will be ignored.​
      • Discretion of the application reviewer​
  • Must be able to understand and write fluently in English​
Bonus Skills
  • General staff experience with any sort of community, preferably a Minecraft server
    • Another +1 if it had player base that consisted of more than just staff and friends
  • Experience with LiteBans punishment system
  • Experience with CoreProtect

** Information and documents made available to you within the Staff Team must be kept confidential. Information may include player information or server information that is not to be released to the public or specifics about events that are not to be known by players such as locations or release dates.

You acknowledge by continuing and applying for a position in the Build Team; that you will keep said confidential information and anything else deemed confidential to yourself or within a group authorized by the Executive Team.

Application Format
Please copy and paste the format below into this link and submit the thread when it's completed!
Name the thread: [Your Username] Helper Application

Background Information
First Name:
Minecraft Username:
Discord Name#Tag:
How old are you?
Do you have a microphone?
What country do you live in?
What is your timezone?
What time and what days are you able to play?
Do you currently have a job (irl)?
Anything else we should know about you?

Helper Specific Responses
** Question 1
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