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Jan 16, 2022

Background Information

Minecraft Username:

Discord Name#Identifier

(OPTIONAL) Please provide a link to any previously approved character applications
- N/A

Character Details (Greater detail and info are expected!)

What is the name of your character?
- Adrianna

What is the age of your character? (The humans of Patriam are genetically modified to live extremely long, even in harsh conditions. The average live expectancy currently is between 125-150 years old! Royalty could live to 200!)
- 24

What province are you currently in OR will be joining upon acceptance?
- Agnoacis

What culture/race is your character? (Nuokaenian, Drunathein, Proto-Kallonian, Proto-Watolian, etc.)

What religion is your character? (Must be an existing religion, otherwise simply put "N/A" or "Undefined Native Religion"
- N/A, looking to found one

Does your character have any relations to any other existing characters? (Must have approval from the players playing the existing characters first!)
- N/A

Does your character hold any official titles, ranks, jobs in game? (E.g. Province Lord, King, Farmer, Soldier etc.)
- Nothing offical, she has tried her hand at hunting and trading though

Please provide a backstory to your character (Linking to Google Docs is acceptable, the more in-depth the more likely you are to get accepted, especially if you are applying to be a province lord!!)
-Adrianna had a uneventful childhood, growing up much like any child, when she turned 16 she began to help her father with his job, hunting game out in the forrest where she learnt to love the solitude and silence of the world, the slow crawl of the hunt, tracking down your game and waiting, simply waiting in the stillness of the world for the perfect moment. She was always infatuated with the stories of old hero's, people who where chosen by the divine, or a spirit or something of that nature

Eventually she finally moved out of the city to out in the borders of Agnoacis, far away from everyone she once knew, where she planned on leading a simple life, hunting game in the forrest surrounding her mountain, but during the construction of her tower a wanderer approached her, they talked for a time before it gifted her with a strange glowing ingot, one with properties that are beyond her understanding, and from then she new her calling, she was to found a holy kingdom in it's name, gather the rest of these mystical ingots and forge a mighty weapon so that she could bring about a new age, and with the spirit of the mountain guiding her, there is nothing that will hold her back

Have you previously played on earlier renditions of Patriam in Minecraft?
- No

Any extra information/things you'd like to add?
- With this character I intend on founding a new religion and holy kingdom, though this may take some time


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Jan 3, 2021


Make sure to keep hold on that special gift...
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