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Jan 16, 2022

Background Information

Minecraft Username:

Discord Name#Identifier (Ex. Ryan#6907)

Link to your character application (Please provide the link to the thread of your approved character application)

Are you 16 years of age or older?

Nation-Related (Greater detail is expected!)

What is the PRIMARY province are you applying for? (Please province the name of the province as per Patriam: The Age of Kings' Dynmap)
- Quichotl

What is the SECONDARY province are you applying for? (You may list a third province if you suspect the primary and secondary may end up unavailable)

What colour would you like your province to be on our map? (Please provide a HEX code)

How many players will be joining you upon acceptance? (Bonus points if they are already members of the Discord and can be named | Put N/A otherwise)
- N/A

Have you previously played on earlier renditions of Patriam in Minecraft?
- No

What is the permanent Discord invite for your province?

Detailed (Please answer the following in greater detail. Please also note if your PRIMARY/SECOND provinces differ for any of them)

What culture is your province? (Ex: Nuokaenian, Drunathein, Proto-Watolian, etc.) [You can make up your own!]
- Quichotl

What religion is your province? (OPTIONAL)
-Order of the New world

What government type is your province? (Bonus points for unique titles and/or systems of government)
- Holy Kingdom

Why do you want to be the Lord of this province?
- So that I can create a bastion of my faith and bring about a new religion to the people

What is the background and/or history of your province? (Linking to Google Docs is acceptable, the more detail and relation to existing lore the better!)
- There is little history of the land as for a long time it has been left alone and untouched by man, but when The Lord of the Hollow Mountain came down to bestow the Glowing Ingot to Adrianna and give her the holy mission, she was directed to the a far flung province across the world, where she was told she'd be able to defend the faith and commune with the gods easier. So Adrianna has begun her pilgrimage across the world to found her holy kingdom and bring about a new age

Any extra information/things you'd like to add?
-This is more of a question, but I'm wondering if there could be like, a Crusade Cassus Belli for religions, not just my own but in general? Like if you 100% know a faction has a holy relic or controls land that is sacred the head of the religion can organise a crusade with all provinces that follows said religion? If the crusaders win they get the relic, or the seized land is owned directly by the church and if the defenders win the church has to pay reperations? Just an idea


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Jan 3, 2021


I will consider adding some/a religious CB(s)
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