Nickname command be public not rank only,

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This is a rp heavy server, its a bit of a pain that if youre doing rp through text seeing the users actual name instead of a character name is a bit jarring and would be nice to be able to change our names so that there arent any slipups for those of us that stream.


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Great idea and this is definitely something we have been thinking over. Next automated restart (12am PST, Dec 29), a new plugin will be installed where you can do /nick request and staff can approve it while donators will get unlimited changes and higher tiers will get colours.
The reason it is a donator perk is that we are very limited in the perks that we are able to provide and that is a very common cosmetic one.

However, I do understand your concern and it makes perfect sense.


The nickname request plugin did not work; so it was removed. Alex and I came to a decision that we would like to keep it as a donator perk due to our limited options in perks. Thus, you must get Bronze rank or above on our store at to get nickname access.

You may also purchase a one-time nickname change in the Cosmetic section of the store.
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