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Jan 12, 2022

Minecraft Username:

Discord Name#Identifier (Ex. Atmos | PatriamStudios#0001)
-i am ok#1274
What is the name of your character?
-Okai (pronounced ok)
What is the age of your character? (The humans of Patriam are genetically modified to live extremely long, even in harsh conditions. The average live expectancy currently is between 125-150 years old! Royalty could live to 200!)

What province are you currently in OR will be joining upon acceptance?

What culture/race is your character? (Nuokaenian, Drunathein, Proto-Kallonian, Proto-Watolian, etc.)
-the culture of {pacis}

What religion is your character? (Must be an existing religion, otherwise simply put "N/A" or "Undefined Native Religion"
Does your character have any relations to any other existing characters? (Must have approval from the players playing the existing characters first!)

Does your character hold any official titles, ranks, jobs ingame? (E.g. Province Lord, King, Farmer, Soldier etc.)

Please provide a backstory to your character (Linking to Google Docs is acceptable, the more in-depth the more likely you are to get accepted, especially if you are applying to be a province lord!!)
-Okai grew up in an isolated cabin with his parents and hunting dog. he learned how to use a blade from sparing with his father.
Isolated from society, he never quite formed strong bonds with others. at 15 he joined a band of unidentified raiders who were in the same state as him no one else and isolated from society it was just 5 of them and to okai that was good enough.

Life was good for the young raider until one-day tragedy struck.
It was going to be a simple job in and out mission that was the dream at least, when their raid went south? he and the raiders bailed. 2 of the raiders got shot in the escape, devastated Okai and the other 2 raiders hid them so they can give them a proper grave.
Their hunters still in pursuit the raiders fled the scene. they sink, accidentally stepping in powdered snow they fall into a cave one raider dies hits the cave floor the other hits the wall and lands in the water sinking.

Okai is now alone and trapped. Collecting himself he explores the cave he sees an opening its an exit but something is blocking it, a winged creature, fast asleep he trys to sneek past but it wakes it attacks him [infecting] him with something.
Okai kills the creature and crawls out of the cave he stumbles till he reaches his family home only to find it in ruins with the fresh smell of ash in the air. Devastated, he falls to the ground, hearing whimper he sees his dog still alive he embraces it.
Picking himself up he gathers his stuff digs 6 empty graves and leaves.

At age 18 Okai, while looking at a river discovers the right side of his face turned completely red his eye developing a blood-red colour the middle of the red area is the same as when the winged creature bit him. following the river he arrives in Pacis, he is given a home which he gratefully accepts.
Okai, now a farmer, lives a simple life but after that day he was never the same this [infection] is changing him, is his mind really his? how long will this new peaceful life last?

Have you previously played on earlier renditions of Patriam in Minecraft?
no N/A

Any extra information/things you'd like to add?
nope N/A
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Jan 3, 2021


Please provide a bit more information on your character's backstory.
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