Doc Patriam Pack Installation

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Examples of such information is custom crafting recipes, plugin commands, guides, etc.

You need to have a PREMIUM Minecraft account that you have permission to use.
We will not and will never allow cracked or stolen accounts to be used on Patriam!

Minecraft Account

  • You need to live a premium / purchased / valid Minecraft account.
    • This means it must have been purchased from Mojang or Microsoft.
  • We will NOT allow or condone the use of cracked or stolen accounts.

Computer Hardware

  • A 64-bit processor of at least 2.7Ghz
  • At least 8GB of total memory
  • At least 2GB of HDD storage.
    • SSD storage is preferable and will boost your load times.


There are two ways of installing the Patriam modpack. We now suggest using PolyMC due to its rich feature set, which allows us to easily distribute the pack through the forums or Discord due to its small package size. Furthermore, it allows us to update it more quickly through the use of Git. Finally, it also allows us to hash files and ensure there is no tampering with any of the modpack files.

However, if you genuinely do not wish to use MultiMC/PolyMC, we will support TechnicLauncher for the next few months. Still, it is considered Deprecated and will eventually be entirely phased out.

The modpack requires the use of 64-bit Java 8. If you are sure you have this, you may skip this section.
If you do not have Java 8 or a 64-bit version, it must be installed.
  1. Go to
  2. Find your operating system
  3. Download the x64 or 64-bit version.
  4. Run the installed file and let it finish
  5. Once the installation is complete, this step is now complete!

Platform Download

You can find MultiMC here
Prism will work as well (continuation of PolyMC)

This tutorial will show MultiMC


If you do not have Technic Launcher, then you will need to download it from here

Once downloaded, run the TechnicLauncher.exe file.

Login to Technic with your Mojang account (If un-migrated) or your Microsoft account if you recently migrated.
It should look similar to the picture below

You must log in to Technic before you can continue any further! Technic requires a valid Minecraft account to work!

Our server pack requires more than 1GB of memory. This means you will need x64 bit Java

Open the spoiler below if you are unsure if you have 64-bit java.
Go to Launcher Options.


Once you hit that button, a new popup will appear. Hit the "Java Settings" tab.


Click the "Minecraft Java Version" dropdown menu.


Each user will have a different list depending on what they do with their PC. However, you should note that all versions will say if they are 64-bit or not.

If you have a 64-bit java version. Please select it. Then you may continue and go to the following spoiler called "Assigning More Memory." Otherwise, you will need to download 64-bit java in the spoiler below.

Go to

Download a 64-bit version of the one matching your operating system.

Run the installer. Once complete, start at the beginning of this spoiler and verify you are on 64-bit java now.

If you have 64-bit Java, then you are ready to assign more memory to Technic. Once again, go to Launcher Options > Java Settings



Click the "Memory" dropdown menu.

If your PC has the available resources, we suggest allocating 6GB or greater for your memory. 8GB would be perfect for most users if you can allocate it.


In my case, I allocated 16GB as I wished to run a heavy resource pack and shaders, and I have the extra memory to allocate as much.
You will NOT need to allocate this much to run a resource pack or shaders. I did it as an extra precaution/failsafe. (ie. Its overkill)

You may now go to the next section/spoiler to install the pack!

In Technic Launcher, go to the search bar in the top left and search "Patriam"


In the bottom right, it should have an "Install Pack" button. In my case, since it is already installed, I do not have that button.

If you are still having trouble with installing the pack. Please contact a staff member!
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