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Staff Member
Hello everyone!

Alex's PvP tournament went quite well as it allowed us to test the server with a sample of what a regular player base could look like.

The event has a turnout of about 21 people at its peak. Fortunately, the server handled this quite well and never dropped below 19.7 TPS during the peak player counts. There was 1 TPS drop which went to 13.63 TPS which is not great but not excruciatingly horrible, and possibly happened when I (Ryan) issued a WorldEdit command.

Some things were learned with this event. There are a few incompatible mods that just do not work together, which are the following:
  • FirstAId mod and EpicFight mod
    • According to Alex, if you wear the best armour in the game, a regular bow can still one-shot you.
  • Shields and FirstAid mod
    • Alex believes the FirstAid mod is the root cause of this issue.
We're hoping with the removal of the FirstAId mod, the two issues listed above will be resolved. While it is unfortunate that we cannot keep the mod, it must be done.
Lastly, in terms of unfortunate things, there are still too many passive mobs spawning, and we are still not sure of the root cause for this. We are still investigating.

On a brighter note, we also learned that the PlasmoVoice mod works great, and the seafloor looks amazing. Alex must fix the cliffs in the sea for the final map upload.

Thank you,
Ryan, Alex, and the Patriam Staff Team