Important Patriam Rules (Server, Website, Discord)

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Patriam Server Rules!
Last Updated: August 19, 2021

A message from the Executive Team,
Hi there, this is a very important document that I hope you will make yourself familiar with. Many of the rules listed below are common sense but are explicitly listed to give you an idea of what is not allowed on Patriam.

We prepare our staff members with training and documents on how we would like them to respond to certain situations. We give rough guidelines on durations and scenarios. However, each situation is different and may call for less severe or more severe punishment(s) and set and stone steps cannot account for that. So we bestow our staff members will a lot of discretion on how to respond to situations on the server.

As such, if you are punished by one of our staff members and you would like to appeal a punishment such as a warning, kick, mute, or ban. It will be up to the staff member who applied your punishment(s) to respond to your appeal. In the situation that they are unavailable, no longer a part of the team, or a conflict of interest. An Admin or above will instead respond to your appeal.

A lot of things can happen in various ways and we are not psychic. So we will make sure our rules are clear and give as many situations as possible. However, if a staff member encounters a situation in which they believe requires action - then they may do so. It will be a policy that they bring it up with Server Management afterwards to make sure the action was they took was correct and to have the situation included in the rules.

General Rules
- Applies to all areas of Patriam; Website, Discord, Server, etc.
  • Respect everyone!​
    • It doesn't matter if you're a staff member or a member. Everyone is expected to be treated with respect and dignity.
    • Cursing is allowed within reason/moderately. However, if it is aimed towards somebody, it could result in action by a staff member.
      • Using swear words such as "f*ck" to symbolize pain from losing some items or getting hurt would be fine (as long as it is not frequent) but calling someone a "stupid b*tch" in chat would not be appropriate unless it is roleplay, and the RP chat context justifies it.
  • Advertising other Minecraft or gaming communities is strictly prohibited.​
    • We look for messages or images that contain links, names, or any form of apparent advertising.​
    • Accidental cases will likely result in a verbal warning.​
      • *Staff member's discretion​
    • Subsequence offences may result in increasing mutes and/or permanent removal from our server! (Website, Discord, Server)​
    • Situations with malicious intent such as a new member join then start to immediately spam or private messaging people will result in immediate and permanent removal.​
  • Incitement is prohibited.​
    • Incitement is encouraging others to break the rules, to be blatantly rude and offensive, or otherwise promoting and/or encouraging conflicts between other members.​
  • Bigotry, discrimination, bullying, stereotyping, or harassment is prohibited.
    • This is similar to Rule #1. However, this rule would require a specific person to be targeted and thus can be more malicious and detrimental.​
    • This includes any derogatory slurs or slander.​
  • Spamming, phishing, or attempting to steal another user's account(s) is prohibited. (No Spamming or scamming)​
    • Repeated messages, emojis, characters, phrases can be considered spam.​
    • It will be up to a staff member to determine if a situation is considered spam as there are various scenarios where it might not be spam. In other words, it will be up to the staff member to determine the intent of the user and if it was in good faith or bad faith.​
  • Do not impersonate other server members and especially staff members!​
    • Impersonating a staff member may result in temporary server removal but up to and including permanent removal from Patriam.​
  • Usernames/nicknames should be Latin characters and numbers only (A-Z / 0-9).
    • They should not contain Zalgo, Blank names, unusual Unicode, political views, attention-seeking names, overly lengthy names, slurs, or any other offensive material.
    • Users found breaking this rule will be asked to change their name or be removed until it is changed.
  • Harmful content (such as viruses, pornographic or violent content) has no place in this community.
    • Doing so can result in a permanent ban from the server, website, and Discord.
  • Threatening to DDos or DOX someone is prohibited. Doing so will result in immediate removal from the website, Discord, and server!
    • The option for a ban appeal will be stripped away as well.
  • Trolling is prohibited
    • The act of disrupting the chat, making a nuisance out of yourself, deliberately making others uncomfortable, or otherwise attempting to start trouble that is not within reason of roleplay.
  • Evading punishment using alternate accounts is prohibited.
    • Committing this act will result in an instant ban
    • Ban evading on Discord is considered harassment by Discord Trust and Safety and committing this act will result in a report to Discord Trust and Safety.
  • Server chats (global, local, and private), public Discord chats, and posts on the forums should all be in English.
    • The majority of our staff speak English only and it would be hard for our team to moderate any other language.
    • If you wish to speak in another language, please direct message the user on Discord instead.

This list does not constitute the full set of rules, and our Staff Members may take action on misbehaviour and violations that are not explicitly listed above.
At all times, use common sense and good judgement for any action you're about to take.

Website and Discord Rules

- Rules specific to Discord but the General Rules above ALSO apply!
  • Follow Discord's Terms of Service​
    • Some of the following are,​
      • Must be 13 years of age or older to use Discord​
      • Distributing “auto,” “macro,” or “cheat utility” programs as well as providing hacked/modded game software through Discord is prohibited.​
      • Sharing pirated content is also prohibited.​
  • Do not spam messages and/or mentions​
    • Spam messages will result in automatic detection by a Discord bot. However, repeatedly mentioning people will result in a mute in all chats on Discord.​
    • Repeated offences may result in a permanent mute.​
      • Exception: If you've engaged in a conversation between another person or group of people. You may reply/mention them to get their attention and reply to a message they've sent.​
    • Mass mentions are prohibited and will result in immediate and automatic consequences from our Discord bot.​
  • Posting obscene, violent, derogatory messages, pictures and/or memes is prohibited.​
    • Doing so may result in a warning and/or a temporary mute.​
    • Repeated offences may result in a permanent mute or permanent removal from Patriam.​
    • Shitposting any of the 3 "topics" above is not allowed. (Offensive, violent, derogatory)​
      • For context, "shitposting" is posting aggressively, ironically, and of trollishly poor quality.​
      • Shitposts are intentionally designed to derail discussions or cause the biggest reaction with the least effort.​
      • Sometimes they are made as part of a coordinated flame war to make the site unusable by its regular visitors
  • Do not ping an Administrators or higher. Please message a Helper or Moderator first, even if the situation is moderately serious.
    • If the situation is dire and requires immediate attention such as a rogue staff member, mass griefing, or anything that could have serious harm or lasting impacts on the server. Then by all means, please do mention an Admin or a role above!
  • Usernames should be Latin characters and numbers only (A-Z / 0-9).
    • They should not contain Zalgo, Blank names, unusual Unicode, political views, attention-seeking names, overly lengthy names, slurs, or any other offensive material.
    • Users found breaking this rule may have their names changed and warned.
    • Repeated offences may result in losing the privilege to change your username on our Discord.
  • Usernames, profile pictures/avatars or banners, custom statuses, and "About Me" on your profile should also be appropriate and anything offensive may result in you being asked you change the offending content or receive a punishment, up to and including removal from the Patriam Discord(s).
  • @Staff Member is set to be mentionable by everyone on our Discord. Use this only in the most urgent matters.
    • An example: If someone is duping items or griefing a protected build.
    • If you abuse this, you're literally calling all staff to respond. You will be muted if you inappropriately use this mention.
Important Notes:
  • If a staff member deems your username to be against our policies. It will be changed immediately by a staff member and if your direct messages are open. you will be notified that your username was against our policies and has been changed.
  • If a staff member deems any of your post(s) to be against our policies. It will be removed without warning and depending on the severity and/or frequency, you may be given punishments such as: a warning, a mute, or a ban.

Minecraft Server Rules
- Rules specific to the server but the General Rules above ALSO apply!
General Minecraft Server Rules
  • An exception to one of the general rules. Bigotry, discrimination, and/or sterotyping is only allowed in cases where it is required to play the role of a specific nation of ideology.​
    • Please make sure to communicate with the parties that you plan to break this rule on. Make sure in /global (OOC chat) that they are aware what you're about to say is for roleplay purposes and that they are okay with it.​
  • The use of “auto,” “macro,” or “cheat utility” programs/clients is prohibited.​
    • Wurst is an example of a hacked client. Attempting to join with it will result in an immediate temp-ban on-join (of the server).​
  • Asking our Staff Members for ingame-items, ranks, commands, nicknames, or anything that is not obtainable by regular means is prohibited.​
    • You will be asked to stop, failure to do so may result in a warning and/or a temporary mute.​

  • Overhangs must have at least 1 support column, beam, and/or pillars per 5 blocks in any direction.
  • Underground structures must have at least 1 support column, beam, and/or pillar per 16 blocks in any direction

Minecraft Server Rules are currently under discussion and debate. Please check back later for updates!
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