Important Patriam Rules (Server, Website, Discord)

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Patriam Server Rules!
Last Updated: February 3, 2021

A message from gerber11, Director and Co-Founder of Patriam
Hi there, this is a very important document that I hope you will make yourself familiar with. Many of the rules listed below are common sense but are explicitly listed to give you an idea of what is not allowed on Patriam.

We prepare our staff members with training and documents on how we would like them to respond to certain situations. We give rough guidelines on duration and scenarios. However, each situation is different and may call for less severe or more severe punishment(s) and set and stone steps cannot account for that. So we bestow our staff members will a lot of discretion on how to respond to situations on the server.

As such, if you are punished by one of our staff members and you would like to appeal a punishment such as a warning, kick, mute, or ban. It will be up to the staff member who applied your punishment(s) to respond to your appeal. In the situation that they are unavailable, no longer a part of the team, or have a conflict of interest. An Admin or above will instead respond to your appeal.

To extend on the previous statements, if you believe the judgement of the staff member was compromised and they punished you in bad faith or with ill intent. Please notify an Admin or above with some explanation and/or evidence and if warranted, an Admin or above will take over your appeal and we will proceed forward from there.

A lot of things can happen in various ways and we are not psychic. So we will make sure our rules are clear and give as many situations as possible. However, if a staff member encounters a situation in which they believe requires action and no rules exist for it - then they may act if they believe it is necessary. It will be a policy that they bring it up with Server Management afterwards to make sure the action was they took was correct and to have the situation included in the rules.
In the event that their action was unwarranted, we will discuss it with the staff member, clear up any confusion and make sure all staff are aware of the right way to handle it going forward. We will also get in contact with the punished player to reconcile due to the inconvenience.​

General Rules
- Applies to all areas of Patriam; Website, Discord, Server, etc.
  • Respect everyone!​
    • It doesn't matter if you're a staff member or a member. Everyone is expected to be treated with respect and dignity.
    • Toxicity will not be tolerated and staff members will act upon seeing it.
    • Cursing is allowed within reason/moderately. However, if it is aimed towards somebody, it could result in action by a staff member.
      • Using swear words such as "f*ck" to symbolize pain from losing some items or getting hurt would be fine (as long as it is not frequent or becomes a prominent chat style for you) but calling someone a "stupid b*tch" in chat would not be appropriate unless it is being properly roleplayed, and the roleplay chat has context that justifies it.
  • Advertising other Minecraft or gaming communities is strictly prohibited.​
    • We look for messages or images that contain links, names, or any form of apparent advertising.​
    • Accidental cases will likely result in a verbal warning.​
      • *Staff member's discretion​
    • Subsequence offences may result in increasing mutes and/or permanent removal from our server! (Website, Discord, Server)​
    • Situations with malicious intent such as a new member joining and then starting to immediately spam or private messaging people will result in immediate and permanent removal.​
  • Incitement is prohibited.​
    • Incitement is encouraging others to break the rules, to be blatantly rude and offensive, or otherwise promoting and/or encouraging conflicts between other members.​
  • Bigotry, discrimination, bullying, stereotyping, or harassment is prohibited.
    • This is similar to Rule #1. However, this rule would require a specific person to be targeted and thus can be more malicious and detrimental.​
    • This includes any derogatory slurs or slander.​
  • Spamming, phishing, or attempting to steal another user's account(s) is prohibited. (No Spamming or scamming)​
    • Repeated messages, emojis, characters, phrases can be considered spam.​
    • It will be up to a staff member to determine if a situation is considered spam as there are various scenarios where it might not be spam. In other words, it will be up to the staff member to determine the intent of the user and if it was in good faith or bad faith.​
  • Do not impersonate other server members and especially staff members!​
    • Impersonating a staff member may result in temporary server removal but up to and including permanent removal from Patriam.​
  • Usernames/nicknames should be Latin characters and numbers only (A-Z / 0-9).
    • They should not contain Zalgo, Blank names, unusual Unicode, political views, attention-seeking names, overly lengthy names, slurs, or any other offensive material.
    • Users found breaking this rule will be asked to change their name or be removed until it is changed.
  • Harmful content (such as viruses, pornographic or violent content) has no place in this community.
    • Doing so can result in a permanent ban from the server, website, and Discord.
  • Threatening to DDos or DOX someone is prohibited. Doing so will result in immediate removal from the website, Discord, and server!
    • The option for a ban appeal will be stripped away as well.
  • Trolling is prohibited
    • The act of disrupting the chat, making a nuisance out of yourself, deliberately making others uncomfortable, or otherwise attempting to start trouble that is not within reason of roleplay.
  • Evading punishment using alternate accounts is prohibited.
    • Evading punishments will result in a reset of the punishment on your main account and a permanent ban of your alt account(s).
    • If this happens more than once, all accounts will be permanently banned.
  • Server chats (global, local, and private), public Discord chats, and posts on the forums should all be in English.
    • The majority of our staff speak English only and it would be hard for our team to moderate any other language.
    • If you wish to speak in another language, please direct message the user on Discord instead.
  • No mini-modding
    • This includes our website (forums), Discord and Minecraft server.
    • Please leave it to the staff members to handle players who break the rules. If the issue is serious, it would be appropriate to mention @Staff Member or an Administrator to get their attention.
      • Otherwise, if a player is breaking the rules and there are no staff online. Gather any evidence such as screenshots to make a report.
    • You may submit a Player Report using this format if you have incriminating evidence of a user. From there, a member of the staff team will handle the situation going forward.
  • Supporting and/or advocating in favour of The People's Republic of China, the PRC's human rights abuses in Tibet, East Turkmenistan, Inner Mongolia, Manchuria, and Hong Kong is strictly prohibited. Promoting CCP Propaganda and Chinese State Media is also strictly prohibited.
    • Doing so could result in more serious punishments.

This list does not constitute the full set of rules, and our Staff Members may take action on misbehaviour and violations that are not explicitly listed above.
At all times, use common sense and good judgement for any action you're about to take.

Website and Discord Rules

- The rules below are specific to Discord but the General Rules above ALSO apply!

  • Follow Discord's Terms of Service​
    • Some of the following are,​
      • Must be 13 years of age or older to use Discord​
      • Distributing “auto,” “macro,” or “cheat utility” programs as well as providing hacked/modded game software through Discord is prohibited.​
      • Sharing pirated content is also prohibited.​
  • Do not spam messages and/or mentions​
    • Spam messages will result in automatic detection by a Discord bot. However, repeatedly mentioning people will result in a mute in all chats on Discord.​
    • Repeated offences may result in a permanent mute.​
      • Exception: If you've engaged in a conversation between another person or group of people. You may reply/mention them to get their attention and reply to a message they've sent.​
    • Mass mentions are prohibited and will result in immediate and automatic consequences from our Discord bot.​
  • Posting obscene, violent, derogatory messages, pictures and/or memes is prohibited.​
    • Doing so may result in a warning and/or a temporary mute.​
    • Repeated offences may result in a permanent mute or permanent removal from Patriam.​
    • Shitposting any of the 3 "topics" above is not allowed. (Offensive, violent, derogatory)​
      • For context, "shitposting" is posting aggressively, ironically, and of trollishly poor quality.​
      • Shitposts are intentionally designed to derail discussions or cause the biggest reaction with the least effort.​
      • Sometimes they are made as part of a coordinated flame war to make the site unusable by its regular visitors
  • Do not ping an Administrators or higher. Please message a Helper or Moderator first, even if the situation is moderately serious.
    • If the situation is dire and requires immediate attention such as a rogue staff member, mass griefing, or anything that could have serious harm or lasting impacts on the server. Then by all means, please do mention an Admin or a role above!
  • Usernames should be Latin characters and numbers only (A-Z / 0-9).
    • They should not contain Zalgo, Blank names, unusual Unicode, political views, attention-seeking names, overly lengthy names, slurs, or any other offensive material.
    • Users found breaking this rule may have their names changed and warned.
    • Repeated offences may result in losing the privilege to change your username on our Discord.
  • Usernames, profile pictures/avatars or banners, custom statuses, and "About Me" on your profile should also be appropriate and anything offensive may result in you being asked you change the offending content or receive punishment, up to and including removal from the Patriam Discord(s) or Website.
  • @Staff Member is set to be mentionable by everyone on our Discord. Use this only in the most urgent matters.
    • An example: If someone is duping items or griefing a protected build.
    • If you abuse this, you're literally calling all staff to respond. You will be muted if you inappropriately use this mention.
Important Notes:
  • If a staff member deems your username to be against our policies. It will be changed immediately by a staff member and if your direct messages are open. you will be notified that your username was against our policies and has been changed.
  • If a staff member deems any of your post(s) to be against our policies. It will be removed without warning and depending on the severity and/or frequency, you may be given punishments such as: a warning, a mute, or a ban.
  • Posting obscene, violent, derogatory messages, pictures and/or memes is prohibited.
  • Usernames should be Latin characters and numbers only (A-Z / 0-9).
    • We recommend you make your username your Minecraft username so that other players are able to recognize you.
  • Please be respectful in all threads that you make or post on and any profiles including your own.

Minecraft Server Rules
- These rules are specific to the server but the General Rules above ALSO apply!
General Minecraft Server Rules
  • An exception to one of the general rules. Bigotry, discrimination, and/or stereotyping are only allowed in cases where it is required to play the role of a specific nation's ideology.​
    • Please make sure to communicate with the parties that you plan to break this rule on. Make sure in /global (OOC chat) that they are aware what you're about to say is for roleplay purposes and that they are okay with it.​
      • For example, this might be ignoring or roleplaying insults against a specific nation because of their race or inciting war based on religion or racial differences.​
    • More importantly, this does NOT give you permission to use the n-word or other racist slurs and terms. Please do not use these words!​
  • The use of “auto,” “macro,” or “cheat utility” programs/clients is prohibited.​
    • Wurst is an example of a hacked/cheat client. Attempting to join with it will result in an automatic and immediate temp-ban on-join (of the server).​
  • Asking our Staff Members for ingame-items, ranks, commands, nicknames, perks, or anything that is not obtainable by regular means is prohibited.​
    • You will be asked to stop, failure to do so may result in a warning and/or a temporary mute.​
    • The perks obtained from donating are designed so that there is no Pay-to-Win advantage. All perks are cosmetic-based such as prefixes or pets.​
  • The use of Optifine or Quality of Life mods is allowed. However, if it gives you an ability such as NoClip to locate bases or users or other unfair advantages; it is prohibited.​
    • ALL staff members will get a list of all the mods you have installed when you join the server. If there is a prohibited mod, you will be asked to remove it, otherwise, you face punishment.​
      • As stated a little earlier above, IF you join with a known cheat client such as Wurst, our system is set to automatically temp-ban the user. Please be aware of this!​
    • If you have an unfamiliar mod to the staff team. You will be privately messaged and asked to explain its use and intent​
    • In general, if you are unsure if the mod would be allowed on the server. Please contact @gerber11 or @Atmos on the Discord, server, or forums or any other Administrator or above.​
  • If you find a bug or glitch with one of the systems on the server and you abuse it to your advantage or others' advantage you are liable to be punished.
    • Any gains will be removed and you may be punished up to and including a server ban.
    • Due to an active exploit, you are not permitted to have chests on horses, donkeys, or llamas.
      • If you are found with a chest on any of these animals, it will be killed and you will be provided with a new animal.
  • The use of alternative accounts to gain an advantage is prohibited.
    • Gaining an advantage from an alt account could be as simple as AFK-ing for your farms or as complex as infiltrating another faction/nation to gain information about their base, steal items, etc.
      • In other words, no meta-gaming (using knowledge from that character) and relaying that information to your main account and character and using said information.
    • We will not explicitly punish for alternative accounts BUT we do have server software that notifies staff and gives them the ability to analyze and find alternative accounts.
      • A false-positive that could occur is if you have a family member in your household who also players on the server. If this is the case, please let our staff members know!
    • If deemed appropriate, staff may investigate alternative accounts if the quantity under one user is unreasonable or if there is reasonable suspicion of abuse.
  • Griefing unclaimed land in ways such as placing inappropriate signs, lava casts, or littered dirt structures is prohibited.
  • While we do allow for killing outside of war, it is prohibited to use /f enemy outside of approved-by-application wars.
  • Entity cramming is prohibited as it is possible it can cause lag. Furthermore, it is not appropriate for a roleplay server.
  • Erotica Roleplay (ERP) is prohibited on the server.
    • This is because the age of our audience varies and to be a safe and welcoming community and to make sure everyone is comfortable. We will NOT allow ERP under ANY circumstance!
  • Try and avoid meta-gaming. Meta-gaming describes the player's use of real-life knowledge to determine the actions of your characters.
    • For example, if one of your friends is in another nation and confides in you that they plan to attack you. This breaks the rule of meta-gaming. The friend would have broken it first but if you act on the information and prepare for war; you are also breaking the rule.
    • Another example is that you knew there is an assassin nearby to kill you but you had no way to actually know other than seeing it in OOC chat by accident. Again, acting on this information would be meta-gaming.
  • No Power gaming
    • Powering is when a user declares their action against another player is successful without giving the other player character the freedom to act on his own prerogative.
    • This might also be a player who tries to force others to participate in role-playing they don't want to engage in
    • One example is if you tried to assassinate someone by stabbing them and then you declare it was successful.
      • The other player could technically respond with they had armour underneath or that they were able to react fast enough to lighten the severity of the damage (non-lethal).
    • A very important thing to keep in mind to avoid power gaming is the following: If it fits within the action, use the word "attempt"
  • No Godmoding
    • Godmoding is the act of dictating the actions of the universe around you, regardless of whether or not it involves other players.
      • It could be as simple as "I draw my sword and stab you; you're now dead"
      • It could also be, "as someone gazed upon you, they've become filled with dread and unsettling fear."
        • In this case, you're dictating how others feel or react.
  • Do not disrupt others' roleplay unless you are planning to roleplay the situation.
    • If this scenario becomes common and/or is unwanted by others and it has been made clear. Stop or you make face punishment.
  • You are allowed toimpersonate roleplay characters.
    • You must act on behalf of the user's character, NOT act on the BEHALF of the USER. If you are impersonating, you must be impersonating the character the user plays - such as a province leader, or noble.
    • As long as you follow the subrule above, then you should not be in the situation where you break our rule on impersonating players or staff members.

In the cases of meta-gaming, power gaming, and godmoding; they will be handled on a case-by-case basis by staff members. Every case is not the same and thus it requires the discretion of staff members based on the context and severity.​
However, I will note that we're not looking to "throw the book at you". If it is detected, you may be private messaged to cease. If another player detects it, they are free to at least notify you of what you're doing and should it continue, they should report it to a staff member immediately.​

  • All builds must be realistically built as best as you can.
    • This means you could definitely build a castle or a small hut but building a modern-style house would be prohibited and so would a dirt house.
      • Try and build in a medieval style and try to stay within the theme of your province (area)
    • If you are in the process are building something realistic, then it is acceptable to have floating elements or unrealistic supports and such. However, it is expected that it will be fixed upon build completion.
    • You will be asked by staff members to dismantle any prohibited builds or risk them being destroyed without refund.
      • If you feel a build or its style should be allowed. Please contact one of the owners; @Atmos or @gerber11
  • Crop farms and animal farms must be realistically built within the surrounding environment.
    • Farms must not span over the edge of a cliff as they are unrealistic and very unlikely/impossible in this era.
    • You should put your animals in a a 1x1 box as it would be entity cramming and unrealistic
  • You cannot have automatic farms of any sort.
    • This includes the use of redstone, hoppers, pistons, etc.
  • You may have a moat of water around your town but it can be a maximum of 5 blocks wide and must be at roughly ground level (within reason)
    • You cannot place water running down a wall.
    • You cannot use lava at all for your moat
  • Overhangs must have at least 1 support column, beam, and/or a pillar per 8 blocks in any direction.
  • Underground structures must have at least 1 support column, beam, and/or pillar per 16 blocks in any direction. Underground structures must also have a roof no deeper than 10 blocks below the surface.
    • This rule can be disregarded if you are building in an existing cave, otherwise, the rule will apply. We recommend you do build supports though in case of a cave-in!
  • No floating houses, compounds, or facilities.
    • Fairly simple rule. Do not build something that is 30 blocks in the air.
      • With or without supports, it is not realistic.
The build rules above apply to all players but so does the document linked below and administered by the Build Court

Upon the authority of @gerber11 and @Atmos, the Build Court has been established to create, modify, discuss, and enforce the build rules of Patriam in a way that is roleplay acceptable. The court acts on the behalf of the server moderation team and in the event that a situation escalates or requires extra privileges; a member of the moderation team or management will step in to help the court complete their duties. Below you will find the official document created by @Japersx, the court leader.​

Basic Rules
  • For a war to be declared an application must be made with an appropriate Casus Belli (CB)
  • Wars will be primarily conducted through Siege battles between attacking and defending forces.
    • Upon acceptance of an application, a private channel will be created by management will be made between the leaders and co-leaders of both sides plus senior members of staff.
      • The channel will be used to organize dates and times for the siege and relay any important information directly to both sides.
    • Battles can still happen outside of siege battles between the warring parties, however, these will have no official impact on the outcome of the war.

Siege Battles

Below are the rules regarding siege battles specifically and how they will play out.
  • Upon the beginning of the siege, attackers and defenders will have 15 minutes to prepare for battle.
  • Upon the commencement of the battle, the attackers will have a set amount of time (dependent on the settlement level) to burn a 3x3 section of wool placed down by an observing senior member of staff
  • Both attackers and defenders have infinite lives and the siege will only end if either
    • (A) Attackers burn the wool
    • (B) The time limit runs out
    • (C) Attackers surrender and retreat
    • (D) Defenders surrender

Note: Attackers may use tents as a nearby respawn point during the siege.

There are three kinds of battles that can progress a war:
Tier 1 Settlement Siege: - Smallest settlement - Attackers have 45 minutes to destroy the 3x3 wool section inside
Tier 2 Settlement Siege: - Medium Settlement - Attackers have 1 hour to destroy the 3x3 wool section inside
Tier 3 Settlement Siege: - Largest Settlement (Usually only the capital but provinces/nations could have multiple) - Attackers have 2 hours to destroy the 3x3 wool section inside

Attackers are able to attack from any angle and are allowed to break down fortifications and buildings using siege weapons. However, the area will still remain claimed by the defenders and as such the attackers cannot build and/or break normally in the territory. This forces attackers to use traditional siege warfare or opt to somehow legitimately sneak into the settlement. Sieges will happen at agreed times between the two "War Leaders" (usually Province Lords/Kings/Emperors but can be delegated officially to another more active player should the leader choose to do so.)

Attackers will be given a "War Campaign" that they must follow, going from settlement to settlement until reaching the provincial capital with each settlement siege starting at an agreed-upon time/date as per above

The attackers will move on to the next settlement to lay siege to and previously occupied settlements will come under the control of a new temp faction simply called "OCCUPIED" in which neither side can access (this is to ensure resources are not stolen by either side before the end of a war). If the attackers continue to win they will move on progressively through their War Campaign until either
(A) They take the provincial/national capital to end the war​
(B) The defender's surrender​
(C) The Defenders win​

The attackers will be forced back to their previously occupied settlement where roles will switch. In this case, the territory of "OCCUPIED" is extended as to not allow the Defenders (now temp-attackers) to not tunnel under the settlement.
In the case that the Defenders/temp-attackers are victorious they retake the "OCCUPIED" settlement, with the occupied territory being revoked and the settlement will become part of their territory again. The defenders will keep attacking until the original attackers are defeated at the initial "OCCUPIED" settlement that they took. If they are beaten at this initial settlement then the War Leaders will reconvene where three options can occur.
1. The Defenders can push for the Attackers to surrender, either conditionally or unconditionally and/or agree to a White Peace
2. The Defenders become the attackers and are given their own War Campaign in which the two War Leaders must once again agree on times and dates for the sieges to occur.
3. The Defenders attempt to push for the attacker's surrender but they refuse, however, the defenders do not elect to go on the offensive and as such the war basically kicks over and resets with the attackers being given either the same or a slightly modified War Campaign.

In the case that defenders refuse all times and dates and are completely non-cooperative a "Text Siege" will occur with the attackers automatically gaining the first settlement. This would be a last resort though. Vice-Versa for attackers if they are trying to do it when Defenders are offline etc.

At the end of the war, depending on the Casus Belli (CB) used, territory and/or loot will be awarded as per the conditions of the CB
Note: In a "Raider War" CB there are no Sieges

Characters in War​

In the event of a siege battle, only players with approved character applications will be allowed to participate. Those without will be barred from participating and may face punishment if they attempt to interfere.

In the event of an attacker victory, all defenders who were killed during the siege will have their characters taken hostage by the attackers. Defending players will still be allowed to play but will not be able to engage in RP nor participate in future sieges until their character is recovered or is executed and have made a new approved character application.

In the event of a defender victory, all attackers who were killed during the siege will have their characters taken hostage by the defenders. Attacking players will still be allowed to play but will not be able to engage in RP nor participate in future sieges until their character is recovered or is executed and have made a new approved character application.

At the end of a war, all defeated characters who took part in the war are taken hostage by the victors who are free to decide their fates.

Minecraft Server Rules are currently under discussion and debate. Please check back later for updates!
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