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Jan 3, 2021
Player Report Format
If you have incriminating evidence of a player breaking one or more of our rules and it occurred on the Minecraft server AND/OR the Official Patriam Discord, then filling out this format is the official way of having it handled by a staff member if it was not caught at the time.

Please do not report players who said or did something off of the Minecraft server or our Discord. It is too far of a reach for us to manage other Discord servers or players' direct messages. In specific circumstances, we may except evidence of such evidence - such as threats to harm a player, DOX, or hack/DDoS a player or our server.

If possible, please have the evidence timestamped plus provide information in the description of when it occurred so that we may investigate our own logs to verify legitimacy.
You may upload pictures as an attachment to this thread but we ask that you upload videos to a video-sharing platform such as YouTube or Imgur to conserve storage and bandwidth on our webserver.

Except in serious cases such as threats to harm or DOX (release personal information) another player, the evidence must be a week old or less.
If the evidence is older than a week, then the chances of a punishment being given are greatly reduced.

The report will be concluded with a comment like below

Thank you for your help in keeping this community amazing! This report is now resolved and the thread will be locked. The staff team will not disclose any details regarding the outcome of the report but we thank you for taking the time to bring it to our attention.

Reporter Background Information (You)


How were you involved in the situation? (Directly, bystander, etc.):

Was anyone else involved? (Provide Usernames and Discord#Identifiers. Otherwise, put N/A):

To your knowledge, were there any staff members online?:

If a staff member was online, did they respond to the situation? Were they AFK? (If not, put N/A):

Suspect Information

Nickname (If applicable. Otherwise N/A):

Date of Offence (Day, month):

Time of Offence: (Hour, minute):

Your timezone:

Evidence (Attach pictures to this thread. Upload videos to YouTube):
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