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Sometimes I look back at what my mother told me, every time I left home back in the city. She always told me to keep my head down, to never get involved in someone else’s fight. I wish I has listened to her, but taxes needed to be paid and I was never gonna get the moneta sitting around washing clothes for the rich. It was hard work and barely paid enough to put food on the table. I hated every second of it, so when a sketchy man came to me and asked if I’d be interested in a job. I accepted without hesitation. Little did I know that this would drive me down a rabbit hole that I could have never imagined.
The unsettling man brought me to what looked like a lively inn, but it was simply a front. After walking into the cellar through a locked door I saw a collection of people of all shapes and sizes. I was brought before a large man with one eye who explained to me that he needed muscle, and since I was a naturally large man, I was chosen to help him on a heist. At first I rejected, for I was not a man who stole from others. But then he told me what I would get paid. It was almost what I made in a year washing clothes. The greedy side of me took over and I accepted promptly.
Five years later and I’m still doing jobs left and right, a murder there, and robbery here. It did not matter to me. After seeing countless men die by my hand it has shattered all of my morals. One night I was particularly scared by a recent event, I was running from the officials on horseback. I was a far better rider than them and it was clear I would escape… but something happened. A little girl walked in my path, and I did not stop. I could have turned my horse into the nearby alley, but it was a dead end and it would have surely been caught. So I yelled at her to get out of the way knowing full well she could not have… and ran her down. It was a high paying job, gave me enough money to survive my entire life, but it wasn’t about surviving anymore. What was it about you might ask? I still don’t know. I was just taking job after job murdering people, and getting more money then I could ever need. Is this all I will do in my life, is this it for me?