Approved Province Application: Okonos WIP

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Dec 27, 2021

Background Information

Minecraft Username:
- Ro_Boat1

Discord Name#Identifier (Ex. Ryan#6907)
- Ro_Boat#7450

Link to your character application (Please provide the link to the thread of your approved character application)

Nation-Related (Greater detail is expected!)

What is the PRIMARY province are you applying for? (Please province the name of the province as per Patriam: The Age of Kings' Dynmap)
- Okonos

What is the SECONDARY province are you applying for? (You may list a third province if you suspect the primary and secondary may end up unavailable)
- Pacis

What colour would you like your province to be on our map? (Please provide a HEX code)
- #71B340

How many players will be joining you upon acceptance? (Bonus points if they are already members of the Discord and can be named | Put N/A otherwise)
- N/A

Have you previously played on earlier renditions of Patriam in Minecraft?
- No

What is the permanent Discord invite for your province?

Detailed (Please answer the following in greater detail. Please also note if your PRIMARY/SECOND provinces differ for any of them)

What culture is your province? (Ex: Nuokaenian, Drunathein, Proto-Watolian, etc.) [You can make up your own!]
- Auto-Simulerit-paxian (Follows the Simulerit-paxian values but only within the group)

What religion is your province? (OPTIONAL)
- Mixed

What government type is your province? (Bonus points for unique titles and/or systems of government)
- Absolute Monarchy

Why do you want to be the Lord of this province?
- I really want to start a kingdom of my own. i spend my spare time building medieval towns so this is that with actually people so i like. okonos has a cool terrain that i like hence there specifically

What is the background and/or history of your province? (Linking to Google Docs is acceptable, the more detail and relation to existing lore the better!)
- After fleeing their homeland on boat Iver founded Okonos, a land of peace and security for those who like their Monarch Iver had been thrown from safety. In their quest for security the construction of a wall bordering the province began. Meant to ward off potential attackers.
The province is almost entirely isolated from surrounding provinces via its wall and bordering ocean. Movement in and out of the province is heavily monitored, due to the heavy "us vs them" mentality.

Any extra information/things you'd like to add?
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Jan 3, 2021


Please expand upon your nation's backstory.
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