Tragedy struck. Experience life on the last habitable planet.
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PatriamMC: Infinitus
The world of Patriam together with the freedom of the Minecraft sandbox. With the thrid iteration currently under development, this is one of our more seasoned projects. Featuring and Earth-like, handcrafted map alongside advanced roleplay functionality to bring The world of Patriam alive.
Our Objective
Our primary ambition is to provide our community with feature-rich implementations of our universe. Our ever-expanding team is always working on something new behind the scenes for both our community and the wider world. Our hope is that through our many different projects we can make Patriam a household name while brining entertainment to the world.
The Patriam TV Series
Our flagship and most infamous project to date. A live-action series in the Post-Catastrophe Era, following Bjarn IV of Norkinia as he explores an ever-changing world alongside the audience during the Norkinian Succession Crisis and beyond.
About us
Patriam Studios is the organisational body that curates content for The Patriam Universe, aiming to bring Patriam to an ever-growing following. Founded in early September of 2019 by the creator of Patriam Alex Donelly and close friend Ryan. Patriam Studios has since sprouted into an effective machine with over 100 people working with Patriam Studios on a variety of different projects including books, videogames, mods for existing videogames, artwork, short films, short stories and more. Patriam Studios' biggest focus is the Patriam TV Series, currently being written by Alex in the hopes of bringing Patriam to more eyes in the world.
Our backstory
Patriam began as a very basic map, drawn by Alex Donnelly when he was 9 Years Old. Fast-forward to Late 2017-Early 2018 and Alex had begun extensive work on not only fleshing out the map, but sculpting a universe around it. As the Universe grew, Alex wanted to find ways to help bring his creation to the world and first settled on creating a mod for Paradox Interactive's Hearts of Iron IV - a grand strategy game. Unfortunately development crumbled and the team working on it went their separate ways.

Alex then decided to try a new avenue, Minecraft. With the extensive help, assistance and guidance of Ryan; PatriamMC, our Minecraft Server turned out to be a hit, opening first in Early September of 2019. The server has gone through two iterations and a spin-off (Patriam: Legends). Thus far with development of PatriamMC 3.0 currently underway, promising a brand new and spectacular map as well as a continuation of the lore established in PatriamMC 2.0.

In Early 2020, Alex reconnected with some of the Ex-Developers of the Patriam Mod for Hearts of Iron IV, deciding to have a second attempt at creating it, now with sufficiently more knowledge, more lore, and a brand new map. As the team quickly outgrew their little space on the PatriamMC Discord, Alex created a second discord for the Hearts of Iron IV Mod. Over the coming months this would transform into the Patriam Studios Discord that is now the primary discord of Patriam today. Development on the mod would continue alongside PatriamMC and other smaller projects such as short stories, short films and artwork until in Mid 2020 Alex received an opportunity to turn Patriam into a TV Series. Currently being written by Alex, the hope is that the TV Series will bring Patriam to an wide international audience and attract more people to the rest of the many things that Patriam Studios does.
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